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Why Watch We Will Rock You In London?

  • 4 Apr 2011
    There is no doubt that London is one of the best places in the world to see a musical. Broadway will always be the first place that people think of but for the sheer variety of shows, the capital of England can proudly claim to be a major location for any theatre lover. No matter what type of show you are interested in, there is bound to be something that will make for a great evening out.
This also applies to people who would not naturally think that a musical will make for a great evening out but We Will Rock You London tickets can go a long way to making people think differently about musicals.

Although the We Will Rock You London performances are a musical like most others, the fact that the songs are taken from the back catalogue of Queen makes them so much more likable to many people. The problem with many musicals is that they feature music that people do not know well and this may prevent them from fully getting into the show. This is not the case with We Will Rock You as the vast majority of people will know the songs inside out. The music of Queen is as popular today as it has ever been which can be seen in the wide variety of audience members who come to see the show!

Even people who were not born at the time of Freddie Mercury’s death are capable of being Queen fans and the groups’ fan base has definitely increased over the time. The success of the musical will no doubt have played a part in this but with the quality of the music on offer, the band were never going to disappear from the public eye. The We Will Rock You London performances are a perfect example of how the music of a group can live on after they are no longer performing.

Although the We Will Rock You London shows feature a great cast and ensemble, it is definitely the music that underpins the success of the story. The plot-line may be humorous but when it is pinned over such stirring and catchy tunes, the audience cannot help but be swept away by the joy and excitement of the performance. One of the major reasons a musical will do well is if the audience feels as though they are involved with the play and the music helps this to happen. This is because as well as watching what unfolds on stage, people will be recalling their own memories that are conjured up by the music of Queen.

Of all the musicals that are available in London at the moment, the We Will Rock You London show is easily one of the most popular. This is due to its long-running success and the fact that fans get to experience the magic of Queen songs in the live arena again. For any genuine Queen fan, the opportunity to relive those golden memories makes this a musical that cannot be missed!
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