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London Underground Tube Strikes

  • 1 Feb 2014
    Londoners will be bracing themselves next week for the first of two 48 hour tube strikes.  Passengers have been warned to expect that there will be some disruption to their journeys due to the strikes by London Underground (LU) workers over the closure of Tube station ticket offices. Contingency plans have been announced by the company for dealing with the walkouts which will take place from 9.30pm on February 4th and 11th by members of the RMT union and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association.  

Transport for London warned that there will be disruption to passenger journeys on both Wednesday and Thursday next week with buses and other modes of public transport being extra busy.

Talks to avert the proposed strikes are being held, but should they fail to bring a positive result TfL have set out a range of contingency measures it said would help to keep London moving if the industrial action should go ahead.

Tube services will not return to normal until Friday morning however extra bus and river services will be laid on, and so-called ambassadors will be on duty in the stations to keep them open and provide travel information and advice.

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