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Rock Of Ages Tickets: Don't Stop Believing

  • 4 Mar 2011
    Rock hits of the 1980s were extremely popular in that decade but it is nothing compared to the level of popularity they have today. There are a number of different reasons for the huge interest in 80s rock revival but no matter the reason you started listening to these classic songs again, there is no better time to hear them.
These songs are all over the television and appearing in smash hit films but the best way to experience these songs is on stage where they truly come back to life. This is just one reason why people are snapping up Rock of Ages tickets.

It takes a lot to be recognised as a West End smash but this is definitely true for this production and now more people are getting to see the story which is set in Los Angeles in 1987. It is a classic love story but one that is powered by the best ballads and emotive rock songs of the era, and there were a lot of great songs to choose from that time! As you would expect from a production that has been so well received, the script and casting are of the highest quality - but it is the music that has seen Rock of Ages tickets in such demand.

You only have to look at the resurgence there has been for a band like Journey in recent years to see why this show is one of the biggest around at the moment. Journey feature prominently in this production, which gives theatre goers a perfect opportunity to sing along with the cast, which means the level of interaction with this production is very high. If you enjoy Karaoke, and Journey are one of the bands you instinctively turn to, Rock of Ages tickets will provide you with the perfect opportunity to rock out to one of your favourite bands.

It is not just about Journey though, and buying Rock of Ages tickets will grant you access to some of the biggest bands and hits of the decade. Whitesnake, Asia, Pat Benatar, Styx, Poison, REO Speedwagon and Twister Sister are amongst the great acts featured in the show, making this 80s rock heaven for fans. Whether you lived through the era or are just experiencing these songs for the first time, this stage brings these hits together in a way that has not been done before or is likely to be again.

The great thing about Rock of Ages tickets is that they can be for the whole family, not just those that remember the music from the first time around. Modern pop shows like Glee or the X-Factor have relied heavily on these classic songs and they are as familiar to the youth of today as they are to the youth of the 1980s. The wide-spread popularity means this show is one that will appeal to all of the family, which could provide a fantastic night out on the town for everyone, and it is not too often that this opportunity occurs.
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